Nitro Kick Testimonials

Kickboxing dvd workout with person performing a side kickNitro Kick TestimonialCindy Dietrich 
Age 41

Occupation: Physician (Anesthesiologist)
”After knee reconstruction and neck surgery, I never thought I could find an exercise program that is safe fun and effective. Nitro Kick promotes endurance and balance with proven results.

Kickboxing ready to punch stanceDr. Mark J. Nitro Kick Testimonial

Dr. Mark T. Jaroch

I have been working out with the Nitro Kick® for the last 18 months. My strength, flexibility and energy levels are greatly improved. I can’t wait to leave work to go work out. The exercises in Nitro Kick® are helpful to all individuals and I recommend Nitro Kick® to my patients.

 Mark Jaroch

Kick Boxing dvds Hook PunchProfessional Nitro Kick Kickboxing Testimonial

Stacy Carothers

Age 30 
Occupation: Engineer
 Start Weight: 145 lbs. / June 2001
 Current Weight 130 lbs. / March 2002.
Participating in the Nitro Kick® class 3 times per week has alone 
helped me increase my cardio, flexibility and body tone back to
 where it hasn’t been in ten years. My energy level has improved 
as well as my nutritional habits.

Nitro Kick Kickboxing instant downloadsGraphic Designer Nitro Kick Kickboxing Testimonial

Rose Silfani
 Occupation: Graphic Designer

If you are looking to tone your body-this is the class. My stomach, arms and legs are leaner and stronger. I have slimmed down from size 12 to size 8.
Great Job Rose!

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